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A Course In Contemporary Guitar Theory/Technique - & - Sound Production Software - With A Special Emphasis On The "Rock" & "Heavy Metal" Approach.

COURSE ORGANIZED BY "METAL SEINEN - The Platform For a Creative Future"

- In Collaboration With Saad Akhter (Reckoning Storm / Communal Grave)

-The links to the Metal Seinen website , Forums & Blog are provided above -

ation Of The Venue : D.H.A Phase 5 - Karachi (The exact location/address will only be emailed to those interested in pursuing the classes)

3:00 - 4:15 PM (WEEKDAYS)
1130 - 1 PM (WEEKENDS)

What is this course good for?

-Guitar Theory & Practical Technique Development. (Supplemented With Notes)
-Sound Production Software Skill Set Development.

-Guitar Software Tutorials & Use.

One & a half months, and you'll know all the theory/technique/tricks of the trade - To start composing & recording - at home -

-Musicians who already write & play their own music can avail the "Software Only" package of the course offering, for half the price.

Software Course Offering Includes -

-Adobe Audition
-Fruity Loops
-Ableton Live

-Guitar Pro

All software tutorials are aimed at helping you achieve industry-standard recording sound quality, on your personal computer workstations.

Whose Teaching?

Saad Akhter Ali - (Reckoning Storm / Communal Grave)

Since Early 2003 - I have been composing, recording & mixing for underground bands, commercial artists & my own instrumental project, which falls under the 'Reckoning Storm' banner. These days i'm working on the RS debut album, along with the official RS website - which is due to be up before mid Feb 2008, if everything stays on track.

Metal Seinen is a Pakistani Youth Entrepreneurial website, which focuses on building a pool of talented/skilled individuals and engaging them in collaborative ventures and/or external projects. The links to the MS sites are all provided at the very top of this blog. This "guitar & sound mixing course" is a collaborative project between me (Saad Akhter) & the MS outfit.

Feel free to download tracks from my current audio portfolio uploaded on this blog (links provided below). I've also managed to put up two videos for visual demonstration examples.

Contact provided below, many thanks.

Reckoning Storm's Orkut Community -

Communal Grave's Orkut Community -

Saad's current guitar portfolio is downloadable for your appraisal - Direct download links provided below -


Saad Akhter - Reckoning Storm - Composition Structures Video -

Saad Akhter - Reckoning Storm - Composition Structures - For more funny videos, click here

Espiridion - Video Demonstration -

Class Structure -

Fee :
Rs 4,500 For The COMPLETE Course - (Including Guitar Classes + Software Classes)

(Rs 2,000
If the applicant wishes to take only the software & sound mixing/mastering classes.)

(Notes/documents/tutorial audio files will be provided at no cost - as an essential learning & practice aid)

Duration Of Each Class -
1.0 To 1.5 Hours Per Class - TWICE a week.

(Students will need to practice what is taught in the class, during the gap they get between classes - home practice is essential)

Total Duration Of Course -
10 - 12 Classes

Number Of Students :
4 Students Maximum Per Class.

Experience Required :

Age Limit :

Guitar :
Each Individual Must Own An Acoustic/Hollow OR An Electric Guitar.

(PS: If you want to BUY a new acoustic/electric, Saad can direct you to reasonable
dealers around your area - give him a call at the cell phone number provided below)

Gender Bias :


Software Included In The Package -






Contact -

Those interested may send an sms on the following contact number;

Mob: 0321-25-11-646

The sms should simply say - "Guitar course applicant" -

(This will simply serve to notify us so that we can get back to you ASAP)

OR - You can also E.mail on the following address -

The E.mail subject should simply say - "Guitar course applicant" - & We will get right back to you.

Many Thanks.
Current/on-going projects of the instructor are as follows -

-Reckoning Storm's Debut Album (Due For Release Early 2008)

-Communal Grave's Next Single (Due For Release Asap)

A detailed listing of what the course entails - follows below.
The Course Structure / Syllabus -

1) Basic Tuning
2) Chord Structures
3) Reading Guitar Tabulature
4) D-Drop Tuning - D-Drop Progressions
5) Chromatic Scale - Chormatic Scale Mutations
6) Power Chords 1-5 - Palm Mute/Open Alteration. + 7th chord mutation
7) Composing riff progressions
8) Hammers/Pull excercises
9) Hammers/Pull alteration between chords
10) Tapping/Note-Bending
11) Bar Chords & normal chord mutations
12) Composition approaches - Change Of Bass & Chord progressions / Riff Composition - Swing - Simple Riffing - Gallops - Shred Riffage - Thrash Riffage
13) Single - Double - Tripple String Shredding
14) Legatos + Lead Locks
15) Lead Sweeping
16) Combining Sweeps & Legatos / Metal Lead Structure Excercises - Speed & Technique Building
17) Pinch Harmonics
18) Lead Squeals
19) Steel Slide playing
20) Reading & Playing Scales / Economy Scales / Major Minor Scales
21) Modes (Mixolydian / Lydian / Dorian)
22) Spider Triad leads
23) Basic Rock Chords
24) Basic Rock & Power Chord Mutations
25) Reading Chords - Root Notes
26) Lead Neck Runs
27) Improvisation Excercises
28) Improvisational shifts with chord shifts
29) Octaver Composition Method
30) Locating Octaves - Semi Octaves
31) Finger Picking Progressions
32) Transcribing Tracks By Listening
33) The Symphonic Approach
34) Pitch Axis Theory
35) Advanced Alternate Picking
36) Key Changing

37) Software : Recording/Mixing/Editing Guitars
38) Trouble Shooting Sound Recording Issues & Technical Contingencies
39) Software : Drums Programming & Symphonic Loops Backing
40) Sound Effects & Post-Production

(Notes/Documents/Tutorial Audio files will be provided at no cost - as an essential learning & practice aid)



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